Short Term Insurance Cover: Understanding

As the title of this article indicates on this opportunity we will discuss the issue of short term insurance cover. A policy of this category means that the insurance company has to provide the client coverage for a certain or short period of time. This means that the coverage of this policy will expire after… Read More »

Temporary Car Insurance: Short Term

When someone talks about an insurance policy it is normal that they automatically think of the annual duration of these policies. But it is important to know the different options that exist in the market. These options can be adjusted to the needs of each client because each vehicle is different. The temporary car insurance… Read More »

Travel Insurance for Today: Got you covered?

Do you plan to travel soon? Have you thought about buying a travel insurance? Although it seems a difficult decision, spend the extra money you have in a safe worth. Are you over 50 years? Travel insurance rises significantly as you age. If you’re spending a lot of money on a trip, travel insurance for… Read More »

Insurance Agency Marketing: Top 10 Google Tools

Today insurance agency is part of Google which provides great tools for insurance agency marketers, most of which are free. There are bunches of well-known insurance agency marketers, and new ones too which come out as a surprise to producers and marketers. On Google it is possible to find these tools very quickly and without… Read More »

Insurance Company: Should your Offer Cyber Protection?

In the United States people are increasingly concerned about their cybersecurity and everything around this. Cyber security has become a worrying thing for all citizens. Companies are very concerned and have every reason in the world to be. Information leakage and information theft have been the most common crimes in recent years. This is a… Read More »

Life Insurance Today: How to View as an Investment Tool

A lot of people have been thinking of using life insurance today as a way of investing money too. What do you think life insurance is? An asset or a liability? No matter what it is but it is a great way to protect your family. Do you buy term insurance or permanent insurance? That… Read More »

Fire Insurance: Don’t Invalidate

It is important to know how to not let invalidate your fire insurance. Do not let your policy get invalidated. This article will talk about how many insurances are invalidated because of customer’s oversights. A customer who does not detail his contract may well see through some clauses that later may damage your coverage. It… Read More »